Our Clients

We work with our clients, not for them.

Ah! Our clients! They can be terribly tiring you know. They generally just won’t go away. They keep coming back for more, and more and more. Come the end of the year we’re usually quite keen to bash them over their heads and ask them to go on a nice long break – the further away the better really. That’s simply because we need them fit, healthy, strong and focussed to get through any given day with us. We absolutely, 100% have their best interests at heart and dearly want to see them succeed at everything they do. From building their brands, to having babies, to sushi and yoga classes, we are genuinely interested in them. To us, relationships are the cornerstones of success and we’re in boots & all. It’s how we better understand their needs to deliver on briefs, offer advice and provide direction. Sometimes our clients say they love us. We just smile and say: ‘back at you.’ Quite romantic don’t you think?

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Michael Petersen

We can highly recommend Mike and his Team, with their innovation and creative excellence, they always deliver to our expectations and brief which has created immeasurable brand equity for our organization.