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MDOT just turned 16!

We are ready to build a business that is not only a great place to work, but has the respect in the industry that it deserves.

The art of the “Refresh”

Finding the right team to assist you through this process is integral. If you’re going to make the effort to refresh your look, it’s important that you collaborate with a team of creative professionals that can serve your exact needs.

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Jennifer Walker-Abrams
Project & Marketing Co-Ordinator | Hollard Mozambique

I would like to convey my immense gratitude to the team at MDOT for the amazing service that has been provided over the years. I would also like to compliment the staff and in particular Mike Massyn who leads his team. The team is innovative, thinks out of the box, creative, very patient and most of all they have the fastest turn-around time to produce marketing and branding material. In a nutshell, MDOT have a knack to take what is in one’s mind, produce magic and most importantly they are UNIQUE. They know just how to take our brand to another level. Despite the immense complexities of doing work outside of S.A and having to understand what works in other countries, the team has been astounding in their creativity. What a pleasure it is to work with MDOT and I want to thank you all for your impeccable service.