About Us

Advertising and design can be a crazy, wild, insane roller-coaster of a world. Manic deadlines, pressure-pot moments in the studio, strategic wrestling matches, ideas that collide in mid-air to produce much merriment and stupid-looking dancing in the passages. It can be fun, cruel, inspiring and tiring – all in the the blink of the proverbial eye. But no matter what each day may bring, we hit it at full pace, coming out of the starting blocks with honesty, transparency and integrity..

We’re people kind of people. We shoot from the hip, we don’t take chances or shortcuts, we price fairly, respect and enjoy our clients more like good mates and believe that a good, old-fashioned work ethic was, is, and will always be the way to go. Throw a healthy dollop of ethics and quality ‘nose to the grindstone’ on top of all of that and there you go – that’s MDOT – all they way since 2002. Maybe that’s why we’ve attracted an international client base from the UK to Dubai, Cairo to Mozambique, Blikkiesfontein to Kompstampvlei. As they say in the classics: ‘Lekker.’

Brand. Design. Communication. This is MDOT and what we do. Our passion for building new brands and evolving existing brands to the next level is what  feeds our creative souls. And because we are obsessed with design, we are masters of our craft. But building brands and creating beautiful work can fall short without the ability to communicate it. Through our years of experience and team of experts, we elevate brands beyond the visual, we take care and responsibility in sharing our clients’ brands with the world to ensure that we deliver the right message to the right people, while achieving the right results. We entrench ourselves into our clients’ business to ensure we can be responsible custodians of their brand and provide ongoing and relevant value while building long-lasting and beneficial relationships.