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Old school innovators.

MDOT started in 2002 as a creative consultancy soon realised that what was missing in the world of big agencies and big budgets was a compact, honest, affordable, fast and truly personal approach. Building our business on these pillars has gained us the respect and trust from our ever growing client base. Why old school? Well, we believe that integrity, honesty and doing what we say we will do and when we will do it, is often missing in this crazy world. We like to work with people, not clients and understand that there is no substitute for unparalleled service and commitment to each an every project. We have grown into a team of 13 and offer an vast range of experience, not only in hours, but in a diverse range of clients and projects. We pride ourselves on having an international client base, from the UK to Dubai, Cairo to Mozambique, using technology and relationships to manage these successful long distance partnerships, as well as those in Johannesburg and Cape Town alike.

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Stewart Barret
Owner | Navan Consulting

I find MDOT absolutely refreshing to work with – their no ego approach and willingness to listen and make changes, coupled with imaginative but practical solutions, and their “get done” attitude assure you of something novel and relevant every time, in good time.